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Staff and students alike are committed to the values of all the Education Fellowship academies:

Values such as these influence behaviour and action.  They also have the capacity to inspire and encourage.  We see each student having a unique blend of gifts and abilities, whether aged 3 or 16, and we aim to give each one the confidence to feel positive about their particular strengths and to explore individual interests.  We encourage them to engage with their peers, to think for themselves from an early age, to have a sense of responsibility and to have dreams and self belief ensuring they grow into confident, inspired and happy young adults wanting to stride on to their next challenge in life.   

Respecting one another and our environment is taken very seriously in all our academies which in turn leads to a safe and inviting place to be.

Top quality education and life opportunities

The Education Fellowship was founded by Sir Ewan Harper CBE and Mr Johnson Kane to deliver an excellent education to children of all backgrounds.  The Fellowship’s experienced team is committed to every child receiving access to a top quality education and the life opportunities which that can offer.  These enable young people to face life confident that they will make a difference wherever they go.  A unique benefit for all The Fellowship academies will be relevant training, development and support, for all principals and staff, to ensure that excellence is achieved throughout.  We are clear that The Fellowship is in the business of education and that our pupils and their parents are our ‘customers’.  That mind set and all that flows from it is and should not be any different from any other business. 

The Fellowship values reflect the way we partner with our schools, minimising central control and avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy.  Instead we work alongside schools to provide the right support locally enabling them to grow in a sustainable way but without The Fellowship abdicating their responsibilities for good governance and outcomes. 

From the moment a Governing Body of a school chooses The Fellowship as a sponsor, the partnership begins.  The Fellowship never pre-judges;  before we implement any changes we build mutual trust and a thorough understanding of what is special about the school and community. 

We arrange early visits to prioritise a deep dive investigation to establish where that school is and where we will place it on its journey to achieve ‘outstanding’.  It is an excellent time to get to know the staff and pupils.

By the time a school becomes a Fellowship academy, the school and The Fellowship will have built a sound relationship – we will be co-owners.   This mutual respect enables us together to build on and develop the school’s existing skills and experience. 

We develop with the principal a programme of personalised support, covering leadership, management, data systems and pupil tracking, educational technology, performance management, continuous professional development.  This programme is delivered by a range of key specialists within the The Fellowship team and our recognised established quality assured field force.   

We don’t aim just to enable outstanding heads/principals – we create leaders in our academies.


Co-Ownership Programme

The Fellowship Academy Forums

Co-ownership is central to our philosophy and is at the heart of our fellowship forums within each academy.  We are receiving advice and support from The John Lewis Partnership (JLP), famed for its highly-developed and sustainable co-ownership model and we have designed our democratic structures on similar lines.  Every constituency of the academy community – all ages of students and all sectors of the staff – is represented in the academy’s fellowship forum following elections each school year.  This develops democratic engagement of staff and students all to a level which we believe goes beyond that in any other school.  This bringing democracy and co-ownership to The Fellowship and our academies it is not only history in the making but an important channel that will have a sustainable impact on school improvement.  

We believe that each Academy Fellowship Forum is transformational in its impact on education in our academies.  It is key to pursuing excellence in every area of our academies in a similar way to how co-ownership is key to the success of the JLP in the business world.  It is a vital part of embedding our values throughout.  It makes us more than colleagues working to achieve better education - it makes us co-owners.  

In short, each fellowship forum is committed to making the The Fellowship Academy the very best place to work and in which to learn in its locality. 

Our Academy Fellowship Forums lead to our Central Fellowship Council.

The Fellowship Council

Every The Fellowship Academy Fellowship Forum will elect a student, a sixth form student and a member of staff from the Academy Fellowship Forum to represent the academy in the Fellowship Council.  In the same way as representatives will question principals and work with them to make their academy as good as it can be within the Academy Fellowship Forum, the representatives on the Fellowship Council will be able to question the Chairman and CEO, who are members of the The Fellowship Board, they will work with them to improve our Fellowship.  The Chairman, CEO and the Executive Directors will face some challenging questions at times.  That is the aim; challenge when we don’t do well enough, give direction on how we can do better and of course, it would be good to acknowledge when we do well too!

The whole aim of this democratic way of working is to fulfil our vision and our purpose.  We aim to improve education for all of our children and students.  Staff and students having a voice at the most senior level is a really vital part of who we are. This is all about the long term future of The Fellowship and our academies.

All Round Inspiration

Obviously our key focus is in the classroom;  the quality of teaching, tracking of progress of each student in regular, consistent and uniform way ensuring each child receives the appropriate support.  And ensuring that every child is happy and learning. 

But we also believe broadening a student outside the classroom offers enrichment.  This approach offers an holistic education reflecting the body, mind and spirit that is within us all.  Programmes of lectures, aspirational assemblies, music workshops, drama tours and cultural trips, all tailored with the school’s curriculum are organised.  Professionals from the communities are invited in to motivate pupils.

The Fellowship Team

Johnson Kane


Johnson Kane, Chief Executive, leads the Executive Board, the Executive Team, all principals and staff and is accountable for the performance of all academies.  

Johnson started his training at John Lewis and was their youngest ever appointed senior manager.   He went on to be appointed by the Government to the Board of BAA to help oversee the first major privatisation creating BAA Plc.  He has also been the CEO major retail chains, of Venture Capital Bank and advisor to the UK’s top 100 CEOs.   He particularly enjoys lecturing on senior leadership skills.  When time allows Johnson enjoys driving classic fast cars and participating in motor sports.

Lizzie Rowe

Director to CEO

Lizzie assists and deputises for Johnson in his role as CEO and also leads on all marketing, external communications and all communication connected with growth of our academies.  Lizzie also Chairs the Funding Committee which is committed to raising funds to ensure the delivery of enrichment programmes which inspire, broaden and fulfil our students and staff. 

She has a passion for music and plays the cello and piano, and enjoys choral music.   With gardening and reading her spare time away from being committed to The Fellowship is full.

Julie Cathcart

Director of Education

Julie leads our education strategy, including school improvement.  With extensive experience in every phase of education, including successful experience of leading local authority school improvement services, she drives both strategically and operationally the support, advice and guidance to schools in order they achieve on their journey to outstanding.  Julie also works closely with the Development Board to ensure their visionary aspirations are delivered practically.
With a passion for sport, she enjoys physical activity alongside watching major sporting events.

Dr Albin Wallace

Director of I.T and School Development

Albin is a Fellow of the RSA, British Computer Society, NAACE and the Institute of Directors. He has a doctorate in education from the University of Sheffield where his thesis was on the formal and informal uses of the internet for learning and has spoken at a number of international conferences on education and ICT. Albin’s  specific responsibility in The Education Fellowship is for ICT, computer science, digital literacy and online safety.

He is a member of the Melbourne Cricket Club and the St. Kilda Australian Rules Football Club.

Dr Tina Pagett

Head of Lifelong Learning

Tina joins the education team from local authority school improvement services having led on 14-19 education and skills strategy including buildings and significant capital developments.  With experiences across the secondary and post 16 phases, Tina spent 17 years teaching, including 8 years in a leadership role.  During her time in practice she studied for both a master’s degree and a doctorate in education focusing on causes of student disaffection and effective strategies for re-engagement.  This research led Tina to work regionally and nationally, including advising the QCA on the development and roll out of the key stage 4 engagement programme.  

Tina is a governor at a large tertiary college and has a busy family life, spending much of her spare time on the side of a sports field.


Along with Johnson Kane, the following people are also on the Board of Trustees

Emmanuel Mbakwe (Chairman) has a lifelong interest in education and is the Chair of the Lighthouse Education Service, an innovative charitable organisation based in London that works with excluded and disadvantaged children and young people. Following a twenty five year bi- vocational journey that combined a career in marketing, business strategy and business transformation consultancy with pastoral work, Emmanuel became in 2008 the National Leader of the Apostolic Church, UK; a position he currently holds, the first person of African heritage to do so.

David Laing is a qualified architect. David has been chairman of housing Development Company Country and Metropolitan and is a Director of Eskmuir Properties. He is President of the Northamptonshire Association of Youth Clubs and is Chairman of St John Ambulance in the county. He is a trustee of numerous charities including Northampton University Foundation, International Students House and Youth Sports Trust.

Dr Ralph Townsend is Headmaster of Winchester College. Previously Headmaster of Sydney Grammar School (Australia) and Oundle School, he has 23 years' experience of running schools. He has wide governance experience in independent and state schools, including Academies. He is Dean of a group of ten schools around the world which form the Winchester International Symposium.


The composition of the Board is determined by the Company's Articles of Association.

The Support Team

The The Fellowship senior team are supported by a large number of key support staff – both at Fellowship House and around our schools.  They are valued members of the team and are in the front line of our operation.  They are also of course co-owners of The Fellowship.

TEF Academies

For the schools joining The Fellowship and becoming academies it is not seen as a take over but a working together in the best interest of our customers – the pupils. 

We personalise our approach to each school, reflecting their individualities, their culture, their history and their ambitions.  We bring specialist skills, expertise and experience to enable our schools to allow every child to achieve its potential and to allow every member of staff to grow in their role and enjoy their work. 

Again in joining The Fellowship, schools do not just become Fellowship academies, they become co-owners with us in The Fellowship.
If you would like to discuss how The Fellowship can work with you and the possibility of becoming a Fellowship academy in confidence please contact Lizzie Rowe.

Our Academies include:

Blackthorn Primary School
Principal: Debonair Sherman
More information >

Clarendon Academy
Principal: Mark Stenton
More information >

Desborough College
Principal: Paul Frazer
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Olympic Primary School
Principal:  Sharon Geater
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Pembroke Park Primary
Principal John Wells
More information >

Risdene Academy
Principal: Andrew Sears
More information >

Rushden Community College
Principal: Mark Lester
Associate Principal: Ian Tucker
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Ruskin Junior School
Principal: Kate French
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Thorplands Primary School
Principal:  Angela Pratt
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Warwick Primary School
Principal: Bill Hoten
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Wrenn School
Principal:  William Thallon
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Windmill Primary School
Principal:  Michelle Ginn
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Blackthorn Primary School

Principal: Debonair Sherman

Waingrove , Blackthorn, Northampton, NN3 8EP
Telephone: 01604 407254
Email: head [at]

Clarendon Academy

Principal: Mark Stenton

A co-educational secondary school in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Address: Frome Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 0DJ
Telephone: 01225 762686
Email: general [at]
Website: Visit site

Desborough College

Principal: Paul Frazer

An all boys secondary school in Maidenhead.

Address: Shoppenhangers Road, Maidenhead, SL6 2QB
Telephone: 01628 634 505
Email: info [at]
Website: Visit site

Olympic Primary School

Principal: Sharon Geater

Address: Olympic Way, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 3QA
Telephone: 01933 677300
Email: head [at]

Pembroke Park Primary

Principal John Wells

Address: Devizes Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 9LY
01722 324050
Email: head [at]
Website: Visit Site

Risdene Academy

Principal: Andrew Sears

Newton Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire, NN10 0HH
Tel: 01933 353761
Email: head [at]

Rushden Community College

Principal: Mark Lester

Community comprehensive secondary school in Rushden
Address: Hayway, Rushden, Northamptonshire, NN10 6AG
Telephone: 01933 350391
Email: info [at]

Ruskin Junior School

Principal: Kate French

Address: Ruskin Avenue, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 3EG
01933 381600
Email: head [at]
Website: Visit site

Thorplands Primary and Day Nursery

Principal: Angela Pratt

Farm Field Court
Thorplands, Northampton, NN3 8AQ
Tel: 01604 493384
Email: head [at]

Warwick Primary School

Principal: Bill Hoten

Dulley Avenue, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 2PS
Tel: 01933 446900
Email: head [at]

Windmill Primary School

Principal: Michelle Ginn

Windmill Lane, Raunds, Northamptonshire, NN9 6LA
Tel: 01933 623121
Email: head [at]

Visit Site

Wrenn School

Principal: William Thallon

Address: London Road, Wellingborough, NN8 2DQ
Telephone: 01933 222039

We have two vacancies currently available at our school.


Head of Year 9

We are looking for an ambitious and enthusiastic Head of Year to join our experienced pastoral team.

To download the pdf advertisement, click here
For further information for prospective applicants, download the pdf here

Teacher of Child Development and Design & Technology

We are looking for an enthusiastic teacher to teach Child Development and either Food Technology or Textiles (or both).

To download the pdf advertisement, click here
For further information for prospective applicants, download the pdf here


Our way of thinking is breaking grounds within the world of education.  

We receive advice and support from The John Lewis Partnership (JLP).  

With our links with Radley College, it has formed a strong alliance and partnership with Desborough College.  One member of staff is currently on secondment from Radley to be with Desborough’s 6th form students.     

Winchester College now supports Clarendon Academy, offering support and sharing best practice. 

We work closely with universities including Nottingham University and Durham University.  

We have developed partnership with corporations and encourage external collaborations within the corporate world – helping our students to prepare them for life beyond a Fellowship Academy and enhancing through training and vision to the work of our team.

Academy Advisory Body

17 June 2014

Have you ever thought of holding a non-executive roll and being part of something that is valued in the community?  We are seeking 5 people to join our Academy Advisory Body. At Pembroke Park we provide an exciting and meaningful education for our children. We are proud of our curriculum and believe children achieve their full potential when they are happy and motivated. A £1.4 million development programme starts this summer doubling the size of the school and in September we have a ...

Microsoft Campus School Tour

5 June 2014

Across all departments at Microsoft we love having young people come to visit our head office in the UK. In particular those that are visiting us within the Education team, after all they are the re...

Stop Press ! Jungle Fever News from Olympic

19 May 2014

Well if you can’t get out to the Amazon, ship the wildlife in ! That’s exactly what Olympic Primary did last Thursday when they invited ‘the animal experience group’ to school ...


Thorplands Primary School Library Opening

I was delighted to be invited to a special celebration at Thorplands Primary School in Northampton today.  We were opening the new library area which had received a major refit and improvement across the summer holidays.  Help had been given by Councillor Meredith from the discretionary community funds he holds from Northamptonshire County Council so it was appropriate that he was there to cut the tape and speak to the school.  In doing so he commended the choir for signing so well and much more strongly than when he had last heard them.

Library photo

The choir sang two songs which they had sung at the Weston Favell centre to raise funds for Save the Children.  In reorganising the library a number of books left behind by curriculum changes had been sent to schools in Sierra Leone with the packing and transport donated by well-wishers in the community.


This emphasis on literacy was confirmed by the presentation of year group prizes for progress in reading.  The citations were very well prepared and showed that the teachers had taken very great care in making the awards and that the pupils knew exactly why they had been given.  Out of the seven year groups two were won by young boys from Albania and Germany but had to learn English as part of arriving at the school.  It was a great tribute to all seven to reach the levels they had achieved and there was a proper sense of celebration as they received their prizes.


Finally the assembly finished with  a period of quiet reflection on gratitude and then awards for those who had demonstrated those values very clearly in what they had been doing.  Two of these were for perseverance: two for responsibility and one for respect.  The representatives of the school at the Fellowship Council were publicly thanked and congratulated on how well they had performed there.


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I attended a meeting at Lambeth Palace last weekend and as I walked over Westminster Bridge and along the Embankment I saw this wonderful silhouette of Parliament.  It almost certainly did not look like that when Wordsworth composed his Ode on Westminster Bridge “Earth has not anything to show more fair, dull would he be of soul who could pass by a sight so touching in its majesty”  I could understand what he was feeling.


On Monday morning I was listening to a very different sort of ode, it was different forms of Warwick Primary School sitting in a large circle playing various African drums.  They were using rhythms to emphasise some of the story lines in Macbeth.  This is a method which we are finding enhances concentration and the learning of a story line.  It is being led by Mrs Sue Nicholls who is one of the outstanding music leaders in Northamptonshire.  Our pupils and staff are fortunate to have her skills encouraging them to use music more effectively within the general curriculum.


On Saturday Jenny and I went to Trinity Hall, Cambridge to hear Dr Clare Jackson speak on the Scottish Referendum.  She very interestingly put a number of the issues facing the Independence debate into the context of the original unification of the Monarchy in 1603.  The Stuart Kings became Kings of England, Scotland and Ireland but there was no political or parliamental union and therefore the linkage was entirely through the Monarch until the act of union with Scotland in 1707.  One interesting point which came out of the questions was whether the other components of the UK had a right to consider whether any one party should secede.  We reflected that when the Southern states unilaterally decided to secede from the USA it led to Civil War because they were not considered to have the power to do so – all rather interesting!

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If you would like to know more about The Education Fellowship,  the exciting things we are doing,  and discover how you can help support our academies and indeed how we can help your school and indeed become a co-owner of The Fellowship, please contact us:
The Education Fellowship
Northamptonshire NN14 3DA
Tel: 01832 770512
For media inquiries please email:

As a group of schools growing across the country we are looking for outstanding team players to join us. Details of current vacancies are available within this website.


“The Four Pathways”

We want all our students to be inspired and reach a height of excellence and in order for us to achieve this, we have to raise their expectations and aspirations. Many of our children come from disadvantaged backgrounds which means their opportunities of developing into confident and talented people of the future is more of a challenge. What The Education Fellowship can give these children by care, leadership, teaching, learning and enrichment is the opportunity to aspire to go beyond what they currently image they can achieve.

The support needed:

Pathway 1

Enrichment by offering enrichment into our academies such as music, university visits, performing arts, public speaking, debating and sports, something which the core government funds cannot support, it provides the confidence our students need when applying for a university place or to pursue a career of their choice.

Pathway 2

Expertise teaching in order that our children are given the best opportunity to flourish at secondary schools, we need to employ only exceptional teachers in both our primary and secondary academies to start them on their life long education. We need to be able to finance additional teachers beyond the standard requirements.

By training and assessing middle leaders in schools in challenging contexts will ensure when the pupils make the transition from a Fellowship primary to a Fellowship secondary academy they are above the national average; waiting and wanting to expand their knowledge.


Pathway 3

Facilities to understand science, to perform in drama productions, to excel in Information technology, to be winners at sport – to be tomorrow’s workforce requires quality laboratories, theatre halls, ICT suites and sports halls. It has been proven that children working in excellent facilities do achieve more and therefore gain the qualifications they need to explore the world.

Pathway 4

Leadership the main qualities to ensure a student obtains the best possible education are: outstanding teaching, facilities and excellent leadership. Within The Fellowship we provide intensive training for all our principals, deputy heads and teachers. We base our training on The John Lewis Partnership’s methodology. We are breaking new grounds in education by delivering a corporate mind-set of thinking to all staff.

Cluster growth

We are not just educating children – we are shaping the adults of tomorrow.

We want to expand our clusters of schools to provide an excellent education for the children across this country. Primary academies are based around one or two secondary academies so the transition is seamless, meaning their education is not disrupted in any way.

The Education Fellowship was formed to move the barriers of education. We believe the pathway to change our society is through education. We want in our academies to not just develop outstanding teachers, and thereby learning, but to create an environment where children feel encourage and safe to learn.

We are not just educating children – we are shaping the adults of tomorrow.

As we grow, so do opportunities for you to get involved with our academies in various and differing ways.

Will you be with us on our pathway to going beyond the expected?

We’ve started well on our journey in changing education and giving children chances beyond their expectation, but now the support – and momentum – you can give us is vital.

As one donor recently said: The Fellowship's vision is very clear; their strategy is different; their values are strong and their efforts are clearly having an impact and indeed working”.

Please consider joining us in our journey and contact Lizzie Rowe Executive Director to CEO and Chairman of the Funding Committee to discuss ways you can support our work.


Temporary Part Time Teacher working across the school.

Ruskin Junior School needs an experienced teacher to work across KS2 to help us to improve pupil attainment.
This is a flexible post likely to involve some large and small group teaching.  It will not be focussed on lower ability children as we want all our pupils to be stretched to reach their full potential.
This is an exciting opportunity to become part of our friendly and hard-working team.  The post is being funded through Pupil Premium, so will be varied as needs change, and will not involve responsibility for a class.
The post is for every afternoon – 12.25 hours including PPA time.   It may be possible for the successful candidate to take 1:1 sessions after school for which payment would be £25 per hour.  

The post is temporary for two terms, ending on 31st August 2014; however there may be the possibility of it being continuing in the next school year, subject to funding.

The proposed starting date for this post is 1st January 2014, but it may be possible to negotiate an earlier start.

The successful candidate will:
•be an experienced class teacher who has worked in KS2
•Have knowledge of the KS1 and KS2 curriculum
•Use effective behaviour management strategies
•Be able to use a range of teaching styles and assessment to inform their planning so that all children learn.
•Be a good communicator and team player
•Be flexible and adaptable



Visits to the school are warmly welcomed.  Please phone the school to make an appointment, alternatively, during half term holiday please e mail the Head at the above address.
As we take the welfare of our children and safeguarding very seriously, successful applicants will be subject to an enhanced DBS disclosure.    References will be taken up prior to interviews.

All appointments will be subject to medical clearance and suitable references.

Pay Scale: Teachers Pay Scale

Closing Date: Please apply by 5:00pm 15 Nov 2013

Anticipated Interview Date: Week Commencing 22 Nov 2013