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Staff and students in all our academies are committed to the values held by           The Education Fellowship.  

These values influence behaviour and actions and they also have the capacity to inspire and encourage. Respecting one another and our environment is taken very seriously in all our academies which in turn leads them into safe and inviting places to be.

We see every student as an individual, whether 3 years or 16 years old, with each having a unique blend of gifts and abilities.  We aim to give everyone the confidence to feel positive about their particular strengths and to explore their personal interests.

We encourage students to engage with their peers, to think for themselves from an early age, to have a sense of responsibility - and to have dreams and self belief.  We believe this is the best of way of ensuring children grow into confident, inspired and happy young adults wanting to stride on to their next challenge in life.  


Top quality education and life opportunities

The Education Fellowship was restructured and relaunched in 2014 to deliver an excellent education to children of all backgrounds.  The Fellowship’s experienced team is committed to every child at our academies receiving access to a top quality education - and the life opportunities which that can offer. We enable young people to face life confident that they will make a difference wherever they go. 

A unique benefit for all Fellowship academies is the high level of support, development and training provided for its Principals and staff to ensure that excellence is achieved throughout.  We are clear that The Fellowship is in the business of education and that our students, pupils and their parents are our ‘customers’.  That mind set, and all that flows from it, is - and should not be any different from - any other business. 

The Fellowship values reflect the way we partner with our academies, minimising central control and avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy.  We work alongside academies to provide the right level of support locally enabling them to grow in a sustainable way; but The Fellowship does not abdicate its responsibilities for good governance and outcomes. 

From the moment the Governing Body of a school chooses The Fellowship as a sponsor, the partnership begins.  The Fellowship never pre-judges; before we implement any changes we build mutual trust and a thorough understanding of what is special about the new academy and community. 

We arrange early visits to prioritise a deep-dive investigation to establish where the school is and where we will place it on its journey to achieve ‘outstanding’.  It is an excellent time to get to know the staff and pupils.

By the time a school becomes a Fellowship academy, we will have built a sound relationship – we will be co-owners.   This mutual respect enables us to work together to build on and develop the school’s existing skills and experience. 

Working with the Principal we develop a programme of personalised support covering leadership, management, data systems, pupil tracking, educational technology, performance management and continuous professional development.  This programme is delivered by a range of key specialists within the The Fellowship team and our recognised quality-assured field force.   

We don’t just want to enable outstanding Principals – we create motivational leaders in our academies.

About Us



The Education Fellowship - what makes us different?

Co-ownership is at the heart of The Education Fellowship. Co-ownership means we work as a democracy in which the views of students, teachers and all who work in the Fellowship are listened to carefully to help make every Education Fellowship academy an exciting place of excellence in which to learn.

Every member of staff in the Fellowship has a shared responsibility to work together to achieve the very best for our students, for ourselves and for each other – as well as the next generation of co-owners.  This is what everyone who works for the Fellowship signs up to as a co-owner in a democratic organisation.

Our staff and students have the right to question, challenge and influence in the best interests of the Fellowship.  They have a responsibility to do so and their questions drive, not inhibit, us.  The executive board, as accountable leaders, listen, think and take on board their opinions but decisions, and the responsibility for making them, still sits with the Executive Directors and Principals.

The practical benefits of co-ownership are clearly seen through Academy Forums and Fellowship Council meetings.  They are a powerful way to drive improvement in each academy, offer great public speaking opportunities and provide a regular opportunity to meet other members of the Fellowship. Co-ownership’s also a great way to share and develop our ethos and provide mutual support.

Academy Forum meetings are held a minimum of one per term with three meetings a year chaired by Fellowship facilitators.  There are separate meetings for students and staff.  Both comprise democratically elected members. Student meetings have representatives from each academic year and staff forums have representatives from each constituency eg teachers, TAs, administration, maintenance etc.  Clear guidelines are given so that everyone knows their role and responsibilities. Forums are developing a life of their own in our academies.

Fellowship Council meetings take place three times a year.  Representatives from each academy forum make the most of these opportunities to engage with and challenge the Fellowship CEO, COO and their executive team as well as meet other members of the Fellowship family of academies to discuss and pool ideas.


Who owns The Education Fellowship? What is 'co-ownership'?

Dr Ralph Townsend, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, The Education Fellowship

"I am proud to be Chairman of a group of schools which listens carefully to the views of its pupils and teachers and works with them to help make every Education Fellowship academy an exciting place in which to learn, share ideas and build lasting friendships. Together we can make a better future for all!”

Download the co-ownership poster and flyer.

Co-ownership in Practice

The practical benefits of co-ownership are clearly seen through Academy Forums and Fellowship Council meetings. They’re a great way to drive improvement in each academy, offer great public speaking opportunities, and provide a regular opportunity to meet other members of the Fellowship. Co-ownership’s a great way to share and develop the Fellowship's ethos and provide mutual support.

We are grateful to the John Lewis Partnership, famed for its highly-developed and sustainable co-ownership model, which has given us advice and support to enable us to develop and deliver our democratic structures. Our co-ownership model is unique in Education.

Elected representatives for Academy Councils

Each constituency in each academy community - to include all ages of pupils and all sectors of staff - is represented by one or more elected representatives who are appointed following democratic elections held at the start of each academic year. Forum representatives have the opportunity to question their Principals and work with them to make their academy as good as it can be.

Elected representatives for Fellowship Council meetings

Academy Forum members elect a smaller number of representatives to represent their academy at Fellowship Council meetings, always ensuring there is good mix of pupils, students and staff. It is here that representatives will be able to hold the Chief Executive, Chief Operating Officer and executive board of the Fellowship accountable for their decisions, congratulate them on a job well done, and work with them to improve the Fellowship.

Find out more about the role of elected representatives.

Find out more about the role of the academy co-ordinator.

Academy Forum Meetings

Each academy holds a minimum of one forum meeting each term (terms 1-6). Fellowship facilitators will chair a meeting in terms 2, 4 and 6. Forums will develop a life of their own in each academy.

Fellowship Council Meetings

These take place in terms 2, 4 and 6. 

Fellowship Council

The Fellowship Council is the culmination of the democratic process of co-ownership which is at the heart of The Education Fellowship.

Members of the individual academy Fellowship Forums elect representatives - a mix of student ages with younger students from the primaries through to sixth form students in senior academies - plus members of staff to represent their academy in the Fellowship Council.

In the same way as Forum representatives will question their Principals and work with them to make their academy as good as it can be, the representatives on the Fellowship Council will be able to question The Education Fellowship Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer and other members of the executive board, and work with them to improve The Fellowship. 

The academy representatives set the agenda.  There are constructive discussions, ideas are pooled, the executive will face some challenging questions at times, but everyone is there because we wish to improve education for all our  students.

The whole aim of this democratic way of working is to fulfil our vision and our purpose.   Staff and students having a voice at the most senior level is a really vital part of who we are. This is all about the long term future of The Fellowship and our academies.


Obviously our key focus is in the classroom ensuring the highest possible quality of teaching. We insist on thorough tracking of the progress of each student in a regular, consistent and uniform way so we can be sure each child receives the appropriate support - and that every child is happy and learning. 

We also believe in holistic education.  Broadening a student's education outside the classroom offers enrichment to feed the body, mind and spirit.  Within the school curriculum programmes of lectures, aspirational assemblies, music workshops, drama tours and cultural trips are all organised.  Professionals from the local community are also invited in to motivate our pupils.

Ask the COO

If you have a question about the Fellowship you'd like answering, or you would simply like to know more about us or find out how you can be involved with one of our academies as parent, student, member of staff, or supporter, please email your question to the Chief Operating Officer at  She aims to reply to questions within five working days.

We reserve the right not to publish or respond to any question which does not reflect our policies or values.

Thank you for your interest.

Why is co-ownership so different/better?

Co-ownership is at the heart of the Fellowship and our co-ownership model is unique in education.  It means we work as a democracy in which the views of students, teachers and all who work in the Fellowship are listened to carefully to help make every Education Fellowship academy an exciting place of excellence in which to learn.  We are co-owners in the truest sense with every Fellow having the right and the power to debate and challenge how the Fellowship is managed and how it delivers.

It has changed the way we operate and created a different mind-set in all of us.  It is a powerful and unique model for change.  See the co-ownership page on our website for further information.

We know there is a new strategic plan for the Fellowship. How will it affect our academy?

The Fellowship has just published its Strategic document 2015-2018. Please download it and you will read how it affects everyone who works in the Fellowship as we pursue our quest for educational excellence at every level.

We hear a lot about values in the Fellowship - what does this really mean?

Everything we do is underpinned by our values and all our staff and students are committed to living their lives by them.  In essence they represent the fundamental personal qualities we want embedded in our children by the time they leave our academies.

I am being told by the Principal that I must achieve excellence in everything we do. What is excellence, is it me doing my very best?

Doing one's best is not necessarily 'excellence'.  Values are the bedrock of The Education Fellowship.  They provide the direction and set the everyday behaviour that is expected from all who work and learn within The Fellowship.  Through a relentless drive on behaviour and values excellence will emerge - in everything we do.  Excellence will happen if emotional maturity is in place.  A work place that is filled with people who are mature ask how things can be done better.  They do not ask 'why it is not done my way'.


Ofsted - Focused inspection of The Education Fellowship

Ofsted today (13 October) published the results of the focused inspection of The Education Fellowship carried out on 9-10 June.

Read the letter from Ofsted here.

Read the response from The Education Fellowship here.


Vacancies Page 2

Recruitment Event
Wrenn Academy, Wellingborough
Wednesday 2 December


We are recruiting in all faculty areas this year and want to employ passionate and inspiring teachers. We have fantastic opportunities for teaching and leadership roles in an academy that is on a journey to outstanding. We are developing a reputation for our relentless pursuit of excellence and focus on academic rigour.

Ofsted 2015 “Teachers use their strong subject knowledge to engage and challenge their students so that they make good progress”.
Wrenn is a thriving Education Fellowship Academy for secondary students.  We believe passionately in providing an outstanding education for all children. We will develop the careers of teachers and NQT’s with a supportive CPD programme and provide opportunities for leadership through the national leadership pathway. Your career is important to us. NQT’s will be employed from 1 July and paid throughout the holidays, depending on availability.

Download event details here.

For further information/to reserve your place please contact Alice Pomroy on or call 01933 222 039.



< Previous Vacancies

Teachers of Science with additional responsibility (TLR2a)
Wrenn Academy
Required September 2016

We are looking to appoint two outstanding, creative and inspirational teachers with excellent track records in raising achievement in science.  The successful candidates will be allocated an additional TLR2a, which will be based around raising students’ progress and aspirations in KS3 or KS4. Relocation packages will be considered.

Closing date for applications: Monday 7 December, 12 noon.
Interviews: 15-16 December.

Download the job advert here.
Download the job description and information on Wrenn Academy here.
Download an application form here.

Further information from Alice Pomroy on 01933 222039 /



Teacher Power - The Education Fellowship

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity to work collaboratively across a wide range of academies with the support of a strong and dedicated team?

We need inspiring and motivational individuals who embrace challenge, change, educational excellence, transformational teaching and innovative curriculum.

NQTs, skilled teachers, Deputy Heads/Principals, Executive Heads/Principals.

Location: Northamptonshire

Full details here

Closing date for applications: Thursday 31 December 2015.

The Education Fellowship - The Old Dairy, Grange Road, Islip, Nr Kettering, Northants NN14 4JB.


Teachers of Mathematics, Wrenn Academy
Required from January 2016

Wrenn Academy wishes to appoint two outstanding, creative and inspirational teachers with excellent track records in raising achievement in mathematics.  The successful candidates will be able to apply for an additional TLR2a from 11 January 2016 which will be based around raising students' aspirations in KS4. Recently qualified Mathematics teachers are also encouraged to apply.

Download the job advert here.
Download the job description and information on Wrenn Academy here.
Download an application form here.

Further information from Alice Pomroy on 01933 222039 /

Faculty Leader for Science (TLR1b), Wrenn Academy
Required September 2016

Wrenn Academy wishes to appoint an outstanding, creative and inspirational teacher with excellent track records in raising achievement and progress in science.  The successful candidate will be awarded an additional TLR1b, which will be based around leading the Science faculty on a journey to become outstanding. Relocation packages will be considered.

Closing date for applications: Monday 7 December, 12 noon.
Interviews: 15-16 December.

Download the job advert here.
Download the job description and information on Wrenn Academy here.
Download an application form here.

Further information from Alice Pomroy on 01933 222039 /

Site Supervisor
Olympic Academy

Closing date for applications: Friday 20 November
Interviews: Friday 27 November
Start date: 1 January 2016 - or as soon as possible

Download further details here.
For an application pack and to arrange a visit email or call 01933 677300.



More Vacancies >

Contact Us

The Education Fellowship

The Old Dairy, Grange Road, Islip, Near Kettering
Northamptonshire NN14 4JB
Tel: 01832 770512

Registered in England and Wales. Company No: 07848783.

If you would like to know more about The Education Fellowship, discuss in confidence how the Fellowship can work with you, how to become a Fellowship academy, or find out how you can help support our academies, please email:

For general enquiries:

For individual academies, please see their separate websites in Our Academies.
For media inquiries:

As a growing multi-academy trust we are looking for outstanding team players to join us.

Details of current vacancies can be seen on the Vacancies page which is found in the About Us area of this website.

The Fellowship Team

Johnson Kane

Chief Executive Officer

The CEO's office leads The Education Fellowship, the Fellowship’s executive board, support staff and all Principals and staff.  It is accountable for the performance of all academies ensuring excellence is delivered to all pupils. The CEO's office is also the guardian of the Fellowship's values and focus.

Johnson Kane, Chief Executive, started his training at John Lewis and was their youngest ever appointed senior manager. He went on to be appointed by the government to the board of BAA to help oversee the first major privatisation, creating BAA plc. He has also been the CEO of major retail chains, Venture Capital Bank, and advisor to the UK’s top 100 CEOs. He particularly enjoys lecturing on senior leadership skills.

Johnson passionately believes that the academy movement must bring change in education and be prepared to take the brave steps to enable those changes to both happen and be sustained.  He is relentlessly driven in his belief that until the five partners in educating our pupils - the Department for Education, Ofsted, Regional Commissioner, Education Funding Agency and the academy trust - work together within a common culture and mind-set, we will not maximise our delivery to our end customers either above or below the line.

Until there is a culture of unity and common purpose, we will only disable the very purpose of our partnership. It's why Johnson is also a supporter of "corporate" skills and experience being good and effective alongside educational expertise in our academies.

When time allows Johnson enjoys driving classic fast cars and participating in motor sports. Johnson also endeavours, rather ineffectively, to go running whenever time allows.

Johnson is a career long believer in co-ownership and is proud that everyone who works and learns within the Fellowship is also a co-owner of the Fellowship, following the John Lewis Partnership model.


Lizzie Rowe

Chief Operating Officer

Lizzie is the Chief Operating Officer who leads and challenges the Executive Team within The Education Fellowship. She has delegated authority within the CEO's office to ensure the targeted results and outcomes for the students in the Fellowship's charge are met.

She also leads the Guiding Coalition which she founded to ensure that the vital work of creating and sustaining the values, culture and brand of the Fellowship is not diluted.

Lizzie is committed to ensuring the Fellowship leads an all-through model of education where children will receive the highest level of undisturbed education which will result in lifelong learning.

She represents the Fellowship within the Department of Education, OFSTED, Education Funding Agency, Regional Commissioner and other bodies.

She has a passion for music, plays the cello and piano, and particularly enjoys choral music. If not at a concert or listening to music you can be sure to find her gardening, reading or sailing.


Julie Cathcart

Education Strategy Director

The crucial role of taking the strategy and creative direction of education in our academies forward is led by the Education Strategy Director, Julie Cathcart. She is currently conducting a structural review of all academies, working to develop and expand our 3 clusters, and leading on conversions. She continually strives to improve the quality of teaching throughout the Fellowship to secure effective learning and high standards, including expanding discussions with TeachMeet and Troops to Teach. She is currently establishing a new AAB (governing) structure.

Julie is a highly respected and experienced educationalist and school inspector. She has gained an invaluable reputation in education and spent many years developing and enhancing education in her previous role with Wiltshire Council including successful experience of leading local authority school improvement services.

With a passion for sport, Julie enjoys physical activity alongside watching major sporting events.

Dr Albin Wallace

Education Data and IT Director

Albin has decades of experience in education at a senior level. He is accountable for all data delivered by an academy ensuring we know where each of our students are on their individual academic journey, enabling us to plan and provide for each. CPD for Fellows, teacher networks and IT updates are also a valuable and crucial part of his remit.

He is also responsible for our on-line Visible Learning site to promote study skills and is developing a personalised workable strategy for students which will describe what they are expected to learn by the end of each term. This includes supporting the needs of disadvantaged students in secondary academies.

He is responsible for the Fellowship’s ICT, computer science, digital literacy and online safety.

Albin is internationally recognised for his knowledge and skills in IT. He is a Fellow of the RSA, British Computer Society, NAACE and the Institute of Directors. He has a doctorate in education from the University of Sheffield where his thesis was on the formal and informal uses of the internet for learning, and he has spoken on education and ICT at a number of international conferences.

He is a member of the Melbourne Cricket Club and the St. Kilda Australian Rules Football Club.


Mark Stenton

Academy Outcome Director

The Fellowship’s Academy Direction Team is led by the Academy Outcome Director Mark Stenton who is responsible for leading and challenging our academies to ensure pupils reaching their maximum capabilities. He also leads on staff motivation, academy and classroom excellence.

Mark makes regular visits to all academies, conducts the quarterly reviews, monitors 25 day plans and is accountable for reports and findings to ensure required outcomes for students are achieved. His focus is on the delivery of rapid improvement, on what must be done, ensuring that demands are met and enabling barriers to be overcome. He works with the Guiding Coalition Groups established in each academy.

Mark's spare time is devoted to family with Saturday trips to Bath City football and cooking Sunday dinner being big favourites.

Sue Robinson

Principal Finance Officer

Sue leads the finance team on all aspects of the Trust’s financial management and reports to the COO.  She has extensive experience and knowledge of working in all areas of finance and for the past 16 years has worked exclusively within the education sector in schools, Northamptonshire County Council Educational Finance Department, and now for the Fellowship.  Her qualifications include membership of the Association of Accounting Technicians, and accreditation in School Business Management and Financial Reporting for Academies.
Having retired from playing competitive league badminton for over 20 years, she now enjoys watching sports particularly supporting the local Rugby Team – Northampton Saints.

Rachel Mallows

Rachel Mallows supports the P2S (Pathway to Success) programme.  P2S is unique to the Fellowship and created by Lizzie Rowe.  It provides in-depth support and analysis of all Executive, Principals, senior and middle leaders to ensure their training needs are fully covered, their leadership skills are honed and effective, and to eliminate potential barriers on both their operational and personal paths.

Rachel's skills and time are crucial to the work of sustaining outstanding academies.  She sits on the Executive Board to offer support and guidance to the Executive.

Rachel is a Northamptonshire business woman with over 30 years' experience in delivering training, coaching, mentoring and business support.  The Mallows Company holds the bronze Investors in People award, is a Matrix accredited company, and also holds the Positive about Disability award. Responsible for delivering the National Careers Service contract in the Wellingborough area, and being actively involved with many local charities, Rachel is also the Director of the Carlsberg UK Northamptonshire Food & Drink Awards supporting local food and drink producers and eateries within the county.  She is the founding member of Made in Northamptonshire which is a networking group for food and drink manufacturers and co-ordinates events, food festivals and fundraising activities.



Along with Johnson Kane, the following people are on the Board of Trustees:

Dr Ralph Townsend (Chairman) is Headmaster of Winchester College. Previously Headmaster of Sydney Grammar School (Australia) and Oundle School, he has 23 years' experience of running schools. He has wide governance experience in independent and state schools, including Academies. He is Dean of a group of ten schools around the world which form the Winchester International Symposium.

Emmanuel Mbakwe (Deputy Chairman) has a lifelong interest in education and is the Chair of the Lighthouse Education Service, an innovative charitable organisation based in London which works with excluded and disadvantaged children and young people. Following a twenty five year bi-vocational journey that combined a career in marketing, business strategy and business transformation consultancy with pastoral work, Emmanuel became the National Leader of the Apostolic Church in the UK in 2008 -  the first person of African heritage to do so - and a position he continues to hold. 

Robbie Robertson has wide experience as a Director, Chairman and Non Executive Director of a number of quoted and private companies.  He is a former CEO of Tarmac Group.  With a background in finance and organisational structure he has geographical experience in the€“ UK, Europe, Middle East, China, USA, Southern Africa and South America.  His wide ranging sector knowledge includes construction materials, mining, paper, fertilisers, food, pharmaceuticals, investment management, property and venture capital.

Kate Shea worked for many years with the John Lewis Partnership as a Registrar whose role was to assure Partners (all employees) the business was being run on their behalf. She is a specialist in employee ownership and drove the democratic spirit of branches she was assigned to, working with senior leaders and Partners.  As an independent member of the branch senior management team her role was to challenge, influence, coach, mentor and provide informal mediation simultaneously supporting the development of leadership skills  Having recently left JLP she has set up her own business working with clients on employee engagement, coaching/mentoring individuals, leadership skills, mediation and customer care.

Steve Thompson-Martyn has over 25 years’ experience working with organisational change.  He is Managing Director of Career Directed Solutions, a business focused on delivering bespoke HR solutions to medium and large UK organisations.  CDS offers dedicated expertise in Outplacement/Career Transition, Change Consulting, Coaching, Leadership & Development and Career Management.  Steve specialises in managing change and transition, developing leadership and enhancing personal effectiveness and performance. 

David Wilkinson (Revd Professor) is currently Principal of St John's College and Professor of Theology at Durham University.  His academic work as both a scientist and a theologian has been translated into the popular media through writing, lecturing, radio and television broadcasting. 


The composition of the Board is determined by the Company's Articles of Association.

Support Staff

The Fellowship's executive is supported by a number of key staff at head office. They are valued members of the team in the front line of our operation.  They are also co-owners of The Fellowship. 

Full Time

Basia Harris - Finance Officer

Julie Prescott - Senior Human Resources Officer

Alison Woodward - Academy Improvement Officer (maternity cover)

Full Time - term time only

Alison Tait - Co-ownership Lead and Administrator to the Chief Operating Officer


Part Time - year round

Megan Ablett - Finance Assistant

Sue Hanna - Finance Assistant

Part Time - term time only

Sarah Flanaghan - Head of Communications

Claire King - HR Officer

Claire Wallace - IT Support Manager

Viv Whiting - Finance Assistant


Our Academies

The Education Fellowship is a multi-academy trust, established in December 2012. We currently have twelve academies in the Fellowship and are responsible for the education of almost 6500 students. Nine of our academies are based in Northamptonshire, two in Wiltshire and one in Maidenhead, Berkshire. Schools interested in joining The Fellowship can be reassured that it's not a 'take over' but a 'working together' in the best interest of our customers – the pupils. 

We personalise our approach to each academy reflecting its individuality, culture, history and ambitions.  We bring specialist skills, expertise and experience to enable our academies to help every child achieve their potential, and support every member of staff to grow in their role and enjoy their work. 

When a school joins The Fellowship, it doesn't just become a Fellowship academy, it becomes a co-owner with us in The Fellowship.

See a map of where our Academies are located.
If you would like to discuss in confidence how The Fellowship can work with you, and the possibility of becoming a Fellowship academy, please contact Lizzie Rowe.


If you would like to send your child to an Education Fellowship academy, please contact the academy of your choice and make an appointment to visit.  Meet the Principal, find out more and see for yourself the benefits your child will have.

The contact details and websites for all our academies can be found on this page.


Our Academies include:

Blackthorn Academy
Principal: Michelle Ginn
More information >

Clarendon Academy
Executive Principal: Mark Stenton

Head of Academy: Yvonne Jorden

More information >

Desborough College
Principal: Paul Frazer
More information >

Olympic Academy
Acting Principal: Anne Binns
More information >

Pembroke Park Academy
Principal: Matthew Sambrook
More information >

Risdene Academy
Principal: Andrew Sears

Rushden Academy
Principal: Jay Davenport
More information >

Ruskin Academy
Principal: Kate French
More information >

Thorplands Academy
Co-Principals:  Angela Pratt, Liz Abel
More information >

Warwick Academy
Principal: Bill Hoten
More information >

Windmill Academy
Acting Principal: Matt Coleman
More information >

Wrenn Academy
Fellowship Principal: Steve Elliott
More information >


Blackthorn Academy

Principal: Michelle Ginn

Address: Waingrove, Blackthorn, Northampton, NN3 8EP
Telephone: 01604 407254

Website: Visit site

Clarendon Academy

Executive Principal: Mark Stenton
Head of Academy: Yvonne Jorden

Address: Frome Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 0DJ
Telephone: 01225 762686
Website: Visit site

Desborough College

Principal: Paul Frazer

Address: Shoppenhangers Road, Maidenhead, SL6 2QB
Telephone: 01628 634 505
Website: Visit site

Olympic Academy

Acting Principal: Anne Binns

Address: Olympic Way, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 3QA
Telephone: 01933 677300

Website: Visit site

Pembroke Park Academy

Principal: Matthew Sambrook

Address: Devizes Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 9LY
01722 324050
Website: Visit Site

Risdene Academy

Principal: Andrew Sears

Address: Newton Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire, NN10 0HH
Tel: 01933 353761

Website: Visit site

Rushden Academy

Principal: Jay Davenport

Address: Hayway, Rushden, Northamptonshire, NN10 6AG
Telephone: 01933 350391

Website: Visit site

Ruskin Academy

Principal: Kate French

Address: Ruskin Avenue, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 3EG
01933 381600
Website: Visit site

Thorplands Academy

Co-Principals: Angela Pratt, Liz Abel

Address: Farm Field Court, Thorplands, Northampton, NN3 8AQ
Tel: 01604 493384

Website: Visit site

Warwick Academy

Principal: Bill Hoten

Address: Dulley Avenue, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 2PS
Tel: 01933 446900

Website: Visit site

Windmill Academy

Acting Principal: Matt Coleman

Address: Windmill Lane, Raunds, Northamptonshire, NN9 6LA
Tel: 01933 623121

Website: Visit Site

Wrenn Academy

Fellowship Principal: Steve Elliott

Years 7, 8 and Sixth Form
Address: London Road, Wellingborough, Northants NN8 2DQ
Telephone: 01933 222039

Years 9, 10 and 11
Address: Doddington Road, Wellingborough, Northants NN8 2JJ
Telephone: 01933 222793


Website: Visit site




Our way of thinking is breaking grounds within the world of education.  

We receive advice and support from The John Lewis Partnership.  

Radley College has formed a strong alliance and partnership with Desborough College.  One member of staff is currently on secondment from Radley to be with Desborough’s 6th form students.     

Winchester College now supports Clarendon Academy, offering support and sharing best practice. 

We work closely with a number of universities including Nottingham, Durham and the University of Bath.  

We have developed partnerships with corporations and encourage external collaborations within the corporate world thereby helping our students to prepare for life beyond a Fellowship Academy and enhancing the work of our team through training and vision. 

Ofsted finds significant all-round improvement at Pembroke Park Academy

25 November 2015

Ofsted made their second and final monitoring inspection of Pembroke Park Academy on 4 November, following its full inspection in February and first monitoring inspection in June. It found a school which has made significant and successful progress at great speed with greatly improved teaching and learning and significantly increased outcomes for pupils. Matt Sambrook, Principal, said “We are very pleased this Ofsted monitoring visit recognises the substantial progress being made by the a...

Thorplands Academy gains first Changemaker award in Northants

18 November 2015

Pupils at Thorplands Academy in Northampton have been recognised for making a positive change to their academy environment by being the first to gain the prestigious Changemaker Student award given to...

Windmill Academy awarded the coveted School Games Mark Award

16 November 2015

Windmill Academy has been awarded the coveted School Games Silver Mark for 2014/15 in recognition of its engagement and commitment to the School Games programme. Administered by Northamptonshire Spor...

Fellowship newsletter July


Lizzie Rowe, Chief Operating Officer elect
(from 11 August)

Over the last few months when my health had let me down and I had time to stop and think, The Education Fellowship and the pupils were continually in my mind, along with all the challenges we have faced in the past 18 months in the Fellowship.

I tried to dismiss the worries and concerns about the journey of the Fellowship but my heart kept bringing me back to the debt we owe the pupils of our academies. We owe them an education that not only equips them for their lives but gives them the values and confidence to achieve more and enjoy life more. My main desire is that all who are involved with The Fellowship pass on a little of what we give students to their families and communities.

To read more, download the Issue 2 Summer 2015 pdf

Fellowship newsletter


Introduction from the CEO
Johnson Kane, CEO, The Education Fellowship

"Do you ever come into work, stand in your office, classroom, or maybe the staff room and wonder
“What am I doing here?”

I do - particularly on those challenging days when the problems seem both constant and repetitive, when the vision of what we need to achieve seems blurred, when knowing what I want to do both operationally and within our values is challenged by the pace demanded to achieve.

What am I doing here? This morning, as I ask myself that question, I want to share with you my attempt to find the answer.

Deep inside all of us involved in teaching and learning is a desire – no, more than desire, a burning ache - to make a difference, to give our customers the life chances they not only deserve but increasingly in our co-ownership forums are demanding as their right.

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Get Involved

If you would like to know more about The Education Fellowship, find out how you can help support our academies, or find out more about how we can help your school become a co-owner of The Fellowship, please contact Lizzie Waine at:
The Education Fellowship

The Old Dairy, Grange Road, Islip, Near Kettering,
Northamptonshire NN14 4JB
Tel: 01832 770512

For media inquiries please contact: Sarah Flanaghan at

As a growing multi-academy trust we are looking for outstanding team players to join us.

Details of current vacancies can be found in the About Us area of this website.

Pathways to success

“The Four Pathways”

We want each one of our students to be inspired and reach a level of excellence. In order for us to achieve this we have to raise their expectations and aspirations through our care, leadership, teaching, learning and enrichment opportunities. 

We need support to help deliver all this.

Pathway 1

Enrichment We bring enrichment into our academies through sports, music, performing arts, public speaking, debating and university visits - areas which core government funds cannot support.  These hugely important activities help develop the confidence our students need when applying for a university place or pursuing a career of their choice.

Pathway 2

Expert teaching We must employ exceptional teachers in both our primary and secondary academies to ensure students are given both the best start on their lifelong education journey and the opportunity to flourish at secondary level.  We need to be able to finance additional teachers beyond standard requirements.

Training and assessing all teachers in academies in challenging and developing contexts will ensure that when our students make the transition from a Fellowship primary to a Fellowship secondary academy their standards and attainment are above the national average and they are ready and keen to expand their knowledge.


Pathway 3

Facilities It has been proven that students who learn in excellent facilities achieve more and are better able to gain the qualifications they need to explore the world. Will you help Education Fellowship students understand science, perform in drama productions, excel in information technology, and be winners at sport?

To be tomorrow's workforce requires quality laboratories, theatre halls, ICT suites, sports halls and pitches, as well as classrooms. 

Pathway 4

Leadership  Exceptional leadership is the key element needed to bring together and deliver enrichment opportunities, outstanding teaching and the excellent facilities which enable a student to obtain the best possible education. Within The Fellowship we provide intensive training for all our Principals and teachers with our training based on The John Lewis Partnership’s methodology. We are breaking new ground in education by delivering a positive and corporate mind-set of thinking to all staff.

Growing the Fellowship

We are not just educating children – we are shaping the adults of tomorrow

We work hard to ensure our academies are grouped in 'clusters'. Primary academies are usually located nearby our secondary academies making the transition from primary to secondary education seamless with students' education not disrupted in any way.

As The Fellowship grows, the opportunities for you to get involved with our academies grows.


Will you be with us on our pathway to achieve all round excellence?

We’ve made a good start on our journey in changing education and giving students opportunities beyond their expectations. The support you can give The Education Fellowship is vital to their future and the future of many more children.

As one donor recently said: The Fellowship's vision is very clear; their strategy is different; their values are strong and their efforts are clearly having an impact and indeed working”.

Please join us in our journey and contact Lizzie Waine, COO and Chairman of the Funding Committee, to discuss ways you can support our work.